Building A Legacy For Tomorrow

Since our establishment over 50 years ago, the Paramount Group has placed great emphasis on consistently delivering excellence in quality while creating value for our multiple stakeholders.

Throughout this journey, we are guided by our vision of ‘Changing Lives and Enriching Communities for A Better World’ which is reinforced by our core values of Trust , Respect , Integrity , Bravery , an Energy (T.R.I.B.E). Our respect for people and planet remains our ethos, underpinned by a strong focus on corporate governance, business ethics and intergrity.

We are committed to operating as a responsible business:

  • Promoting sustainable financial growth
  • Delivering excellent products and services
  • Supporting community growth
  • Protecting and conserving the environment

Planning a future where economic considerations are balanced with environmental and social pursuits is important to us. We endeavor to do these things right to ensure continuous development and quality of life for our customers today, while building an enduring legacy for the generations to come.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) provide a powerful aspiration for improving our world – laying out where we collectively need to go and how to get there. They seek to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

Paramount has integrated six (6) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relevant to our operations and addressed throough the following material matters:

Key Pillars

In 2020, Paramount conducted a meteriality assessement to identify the issue and topics that reflect the economic, environmental, and social impacts that are of interest to the Group and our stakeholders. This process identified thirteen (13) material issues which were validated at the steering  committee and Board level. 

Corporate Governance & Ethics

Paramount Corporatin Berhad is committed to business integrity, transparency and professionalism in all its activities. As part of this commitment, the Board of Directors of Paramount continually ensures that sound principles of corporate governance and accountability are practised in all business endeavours undertaken by the Paramount group of companies with the ultimate objective of protecting and enhancing shareholder value

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Sustainability Report & Archives

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