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Building Hope through books

Lacking basic reading and writing skills is a tremendous disadvantage. Literacy not only enriches an individual’s life, but it creates opportunities for people to develop skills that will help them provide for themselves and their family. 

Realising that education empowers, Paramount’s ‘Building Hope’ 2022 Christmas campaign was aimed at gathering books from the public for children and youths in need. From 3 – 21 December, Book Donation Corners were set up across all Paramount Property Galleries, Co-labs Coworking spaces and Utropolis Marketplace for the public to donate preloved books.

At the end of the campaign, over 600 books were collected and given a new lease in life across the Central and Northern region via our non-profit partners MyReaders and Friends to Mankind.

This campaign serves as a reminder that literacy can open many doors. This is yet another Paramount initiative which is aimed at closing the education gap and building hope for a better tomorrow.


Interview with Chan Jy Mei | General Manager, Sales & Marketing Department at Paramount Property

Who did the books you donated belong to? Most of the books belonged to my children and some from my younger relatives.

Why did you decide to donate these books? The owners of these books have long outgrown them. Since they did so much good to my own children, it would be a waste if others didn’t benefit from it. Knowledge is valuable and should be shared.

How did you select the books you donated? These books were selected because they were interesting and had values that I wished my children to be exposed to. Some were classic entertainment like books by Enid Blyton which are a great read by themselves while holding memories of precious times when read together. Some books inspired my children to be curious, and investigative which is great for their growth.

How would you like the books you’ve donated to benefit their new owners? If they could inspire my own kids, there’s a chance the next child may also experience the same.

Do you have any message you’d like to pass on to the future owner of the books? Reading is a very good habit as it opens up one’s mind to endless possibilities, to a world that is bigger than the physical one. For those who feel lonely, reading can stimulate your imagination and keep you company. I hope the children who receive these books will be able to enjoy such a wonderful experience.