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FY2022 Highlights


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Financial Calendar

15 June 2023

53rd Annual General Meeting

8 June 2022

2022 AGM Minutes and Q&A

27 February 2023

FY2022 Full-Year Results

29 May 2023

FY2023 First Quarter Results

25 August 2023

FY2023 Half-Year Results

24 November 2023*

FY2023 Third Quarter Results

*Tentative and subject to Board approval

Latest Corporate & Financial Press Releases

Annual Report

Paramount Corporation Berhad Annual Report 2022 Thumbnail

Annual Report 2022

Building Upon Success

Paramount’s strong performance in FY2022 was both the result of the year’s efforts as well as the confidence the Company and its businesses had gained over the years. Building upon the successes of previous years, Paramount’s property development continued to expand at locations where it enjoyed credibility and brand presence. Its property business also achieved its highest sales ever in FY2022, which will translate to income for years to come as it builds. Its other businesses also showed improvements in results.

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