Sri KDU®’s Neverland Enters Malaysia Book of Records

Petaling Jaya, 9 July 2013:

Sri KDU® Primary School’s musical production, Neverland, has been listed in the Malaysia Book of Records for having the “Most Number of Children in a Musical Play”.

The accolade was announced by Encik Abdul Aziz Hamdan, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Book of Records, who noted that Neverland, with a total 596 student performers aged six to 12 years, had proven to be the biggest musical concert in the history of Malaysian schools. He presented the Malaysia Book of Records official certificate to Encik Djohann Iskandar Abdullah Kwan, Head of Primary, Sri KDU® Primary School, at the final performance of the musical held at the school on Saturday, 6 July 2013.

Every year, Sri KDU® Primary School – part of the KDU Education Group – presents an elaborate concert production with students, supported by staff, taking on the responsibility for the entire production process, from acting to singing and dance choreography through to costumes and set design.

Commenting on this, Encik Djohann said, “Our annual concert production brings to life our motto of ‘letting every student shine᾿ through a structured performing arts programme. The programme is a core element of our integrated education approach, where we aim to give students a student-centred, holistic education beyond just academic achievements alone.”

Echoing the ethos of the KDU Education Group – to provide good-quality, high-value education – Encik Djohann added, “Sri KDU® Primary School strongly encourages our extended community – students, teachers, school administrators and parents – to create a vibrant and cohesive environment for the students. We nurture and develop students to be academically competent, well balanced and socially responsible with critical thinking skills. The musical production is a perfect opportunity to bring this ethos to life.”

The Sri KDU® Primary School annual musical provides an innovative platform for its students to unleash and showcase their talents in the fields of performing arts, creative designs and other non-academic events. Its in-house concert productions in the last decade have been well received by parents, students and invited guests from all walks of life.

Neverland upped the ante this year with a new musical direction consisting of a titivated script, presentation of new characters and the inclusion of present-day songs. A musical adaptation of Sir James Matthew Barrie’s 1904 book, Neverland centred on Peter Pan, who whisked the three Darling children of Bloomsbury – Wendy, John and Michael – away to an enchanted world where intriguing characters and heart-stopping adventures filled the stage with spell-binding music and splendid choreography. A total of 596 students were cast in this production, playing the roles of the main characters as well as those of cavalier pirates, impish fairies, roguish Indians, bashful mermaids, crocodiles and the boisterous Lost Children.

“This musical did not need many participants but we did not turn away any student wanting to take part. We carried out auditions and cast them according to their strengths, be it acting, dancing or singing,” said Encik Djohann. “My unending appreciation and immeasurable thanks go to the devoted and diligent production team whose unstinting effort has yet ensured another great musical. This accolade from the Malaysia Book of Records is a tribute to their passion and efforts, and another cause for celebration for the KDU Education Group, which marks its 30th anniversary this year.”

Encik Abdul Aziz Hamdan (2nd from right), Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Book of Records, presenting the Malaysia Book of Records official certificate to Encik Djohann Iskandar Abdullah Kwan (2nd from left), Head of Primary, Sri KDU® Primary School.


A portion of the Neverland cast.