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> Paramount collaborates with academia for ideas on construction waste

Paramount collaborates with academia for ideas on construction waste

Paramount collaborates with academia for ideas on construction waste

Paramount supports local talents, working with UOW Malaysia

Paramount is collaborating with UOW Malaysia (UOWM) School of Engineering to create sustainable solutions for construction waste.

The partnership also involves consultation with University Wollongong’s Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC), which is a multi-disciplinary facility that aims to be a thought leader in improving the performance of buildings to be more liveable, cost-effective, and kinder to the  environment

The project aims to promote responsible waste management at Paramount’s sites and possibly, turn construction waste materials into valuable resources.

This collaboration kicked off with a site visit by UOWM lecturers and students to Paramount’s Berkeley Uptown construction site in Klang in September 2023. The visit helped the students better understand Paramount’s waste management practices and identify opportunities for improvement. This would also enable the students to apply sustainable engineering principles to a real-world construction project in their assignments and projects.

Paramount collaborates with UOW Malaysia School of Engineering for ideas on construction waste The Paramount team welcomed lecturers and students from UOWM’s School of Engineering as we embark on a collaboration to explore sustainable construction waste solutions our sites.

Paramount supports young local talent

Paramount has also opened its doors to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Club of University Malaya (CEEC UM).

By supporting local university students, Paramount is establishing its own talent pipeline. Through such networking, and possibly internships and job placements down the line, Paramount fulfils its talent acquisition goals while contributing to the industry and the nation.

The CEEC UM had organised two visits to The Atera construction site in Petaling Jaya on 18 and 25 November 2023. A total of 33 students and two lecturers had taken part in the visits.

“The visits have provided our members with real-world insights that complement our academic studies. Your willingness to share (your) expertise is appreciated and has inspired our aspiring engineers. (We) highly appreciate this invaluable opportunity,” said Chua Hung Lik, who was the CEEC UM coordinator for the visits.

The CEEC UM is a student body established in 2004, to among others, expand the learning experience of students in the engineering field beyond the classroom.

Paramount looks forward to forging more partnerships with the academia to support young talent as well as to inculcate an R&D culture as it transitions its built environment into more sustainable, resilient, and effective places, where people live and work. Visits to Paramount Property The Atera construction sites Site visit at Paramount Property's The Atera in Petaling Jaya