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Powering recycling from the North

The call to recycle is not new but how many of us have heeded the call? Here are some inspiring stories about Paramount employees who have been taking action to reuse, repurpose and recycle for a better world.

  By Kuah Tee Peng, Senior Manager of Paramount Property’s Environmental, Safety & Health Department In 2016, Paramount Property Utara initiated a 3R (reduce, reuse & recycle) campaign. I must admit it was initially prompted by having to comply with regulations. We were required to run at least one campaign a year, and we invested in recycling bins and ran educational and promotional campaigns to encourage employees to segregate waste and place items in the proper containers. More recently, we added an eco-compost bin at Wisma Paramount where all garden waste is placed. But there is always still room for improvement. Personally, I segregate my waste at home. We have recycling bins at my neighbourhood, so disposal and collection are made easy and convenient. Whenever my neighbours gather at the playground for get-togethers, we will also make sure all trash is collected and where possible, recycled. Paramount Property Northern